What is the TeenTix Pass Program?
Teens ages 13 – 19 may sign up for a FREE TeenTix Pass that entitles them to $5 tickets at our growing list of partners in the Los Angeles area.

How does it work?
First, you sign up for the Pass. Second, you take the pass to one of our Arts Partner organizations. Third, you buy a $5 day-of-show ticket. For more detailed information on this process, go here!

How old do you have to be to sign up?
13 – 19 years old.

Do I need to live in Los Angeles in order to sign up?
Nope. Anyone, from anywhere, can sign up and use the pass as long as they are 13 - 19 years old.

I am 12. Can I pleeeease sign up?
No. We’re sorry. Our agreement with our wonderful partner organizations is that we serve 13 – 19 year-olds, and we need to stick to it. Plus, our participating box offices are empowered to ask for proof of age eligibility for anyone showing a TeenTix Pass, so, even if we gave you one, you could still get turned away at the box office, and that would make us sad. Just wait until you’re 13, okay? You're almost there!

Does the TeenTix Pass expire?
Nope. Your pass is good until your 20th birthday. If you lose your pass, login to your account, and go here to request a new one.

How much does it cost to sign up?
Nothing, nada, zero! The TeenTix Pass is FREE.

How much does it cost to buy a TeenTix ticket?
Five dollars!

Do I need to bring ID?
Yes. Our participating box offices are empowered to ask for proof of age eligibility from anyone presenting a TeenTix Pass. Your middle school or high school ID will do it, as will a state-issued ID or driver’s license. If you are a homeschooler and do not have a school ID, go here.

Can I get more than one ticket? or, What are "2 for $10" days?
Generally, you can only purchase one ticket with your TeenTix Pass. However, we do offer 2 for $10 days when a TeenTix member can purchase a second “companion” ticket for $5. Once purchased, teens can give their companion ticket to anyone of any age: a parent, a sibling, a friend…whomever!

Check individual Arts Partner pages to see how they honor 2 for $10 days! Some of our special events also offer companion tickets. Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you never miss out on a special event announcement.


  • 2 for $10 tickets must be purchased by the TeenTix passholder ONLY. Parents and other non-TeenTix members attempting to purchase TeenTix tickets on 2 for $10 days without the passholder present will be turned away.
  • Some TeenTix partner organizations limit the number of 2 for $10 tickets that will be sold for any given performance or exhibit to as few as 12. TeenTix members and parents are encouraged to call ahead to confirm availability of 2 for $10 tickets.

I am an adult and I would like to attend shows with my child. How much will it cost me?
In general, adults accompanying TeenTix members must pay full price. However, since TeenTix tickets are sold day-of-show (with some exceptions), rush ticket-pricing is often in effect, so adults may be able to take advantage of those discounts. Also, don't forget about TeenTix 2 for $10 days. Please note also that you may not be seated with your teen, as TeenTix tickets are sold as-available.

Can I buy my ticket in advance?
TeenTix LA tickets are typically available day-of-show only—that’s why they're so cheap! However, some of our partner organizations have arranged for advanced sales of TeenTix LA tickets and we try to encourage this with our arts partners as much as possible. Some of our participating organizations will even allow you to call ahead and purchase your same-day ticket over the phone! In any case, we always encourage our members to call ahead to confirm availability of tickets before heading out. Here is a list of our Partners and their box office numbers.

Can I buy my ticket over the phone?
Sometimes! A portion of our participating organizations offer same-day phone sales for TeenTix tickets, but keep in mind that you will still need to show your TeenTix Pass and ID when you pick up your ticket. Please see this list of Arts Partner organizations to check which ones offer phone sales.

Can I buy my ticket online?
Not usually — TeenTix works on a day-of-show basis. Certain Arts Partners will offer online sales, but it's very rare!

Can I make reservations?
Not usually. TeenTix tickets are most often sold on a first-come, first-served basis starting when the box office opens on the day of the show. If reservations are available for the event you're interested in, that information will be listed on our calendar.

Are there always TeenTix tickets available?
No. Sometimes shows sell out and there are no TeenTix tickets available. That is why we strongly encourage you to call ahead and ask about TeenTix ticket availability before you head out. Just say, “Hi! I am a TeenTix member and I’d like to come to the show tonight. Do you think there will be a ticket for me?” The people who work in our participating box offices are really nice and happy to help out. They will either say “Sure, come on down!” or “No, probably not.” And then you’ll know! The phone numbers for our participating box offices are always listed on our calendar and our Partners page.

How do I find out which organizations participate in TeenTix?
Here is a list of our most current participating Arts Partners and Community Partners.

How do I find out what I can see with TeenTix?
First, you should sign up for our weekly e-newsletter, which will deliver the best of what’s out there in TeenTix-land to your inbox every week, along with teen picks and reviews to help you find stuff you’ll like. So easy! Second, our calendar will show you every last thing you can see with your TeenTix Pass every day of the year, and let you search by location, genre, TeenTix member recommendations, and more. So thorough!

Does it actually work?
Yes! While the program is new in Los Angeles, for several years, every month, hundreds of teenagers in Seattle use TeenTix to attend arts & culture events for $5.

Ack! I lost my pass. What do I do?
With the new TeenTix Pass, there’s no way to lose it! Just log into your account to access your pass. You can show it at the box office digitally, like on a smartphone, or print it out at home or at the library and bring it with you. You also have the option of getting a physical Pass mailed to you here.

I am a TeenTix Member, but I don’t get the newsletter even though I want to. What’s up?
If you already have a TeenTix Pass and you just want to sign up for the newsletter, go here.

I signed up for a physical TeenTix Pass, but it never came in the mail. What’s up?
If it’s been more than two weeks since you ordered your physical pass and the pass has not arrived, we might have a bad mailing address for you. Please send us an email at info@la.teentix.org with your name and address and we will fix the problem.

How can my parents and I make sure that the content is appropriate for someone my age?
As with all art, programming presented by our Partners may contain violence, nudity, sexual content, profanity, or other mature material. Our Partners provide us with information regarding content, which we, in turn, pass along to our members. The age recommendations that appear on our site are provided as a courtesy by our Partners, and do not indicate that TeenTix staff has reviewed programming. TeenTix cannot take responsibility for the content of individual arts programs. Parents and teens who are concerned about content should contact the presenting organization directly to discuss those concerns before attending a show or exhibit.

Will you sell my information?
No. TeenTix will never share any of your personal information with any outside group for any reason.

I am a homeschooler and I don't have a school ID. What should I do?
Our ticket offices are empowered to ask for proof of age-eligibility from any person attempting to use a TeenTix pass. Therefore, it's important for you to have some form of ID with you when you purchase tickets using your TeenTix pass. Many homeschool agencies can provide an identification card that is comparable to a school ID, and will serve as sufficient proof of age for the TeenTix program. The other option is for you to get a California State ID card, which is available to residents of all ages, and carries a birthdate.

I am an adult who would like to receive the TeenTix e-newsletter. How do I do that?
Simply go here and sign up! The newsletter is for everyone.

I am an adult who works with teenagers and would like to tell them about this awesome program! OR, I'm a teenager and none of my friends believe me when I tell them about TeenTix. Can you send us TeenTix posters/brochures?
Absolutely! Contact us and ask.

Can I use TeenTix to bring a group to a show?
TeenTix works best for individuals or pairs of teenagers, but it can work for small groups, too. First, make sure that all of the teens who you want to bring are registered for TeenTix and have their Passes. Next, call the box office of the organization that you plan to attend and ask them when would be a good date to bring a group. Usually, they have a good sense for which days of the week tend to sell out, and they can recommend a date when there are likely to be plenty of day-of-show tickets available. (But do remember that TeenTix tickets typically cannot be reserved in advance, so ticket availability is not guaranteed.) Lastly, get your group together, come on down, and enjoy the show! If you are an adult chaperone, remember that you’ll need to pay full price (or whatever the regular rush ticket price is). If you want to bring a larger group, or need to purchase your tickets in advance, we encourage you to look into the group discounts offered by the organization you wish to attend.

My question still isn’t answered. What should I do?
Contact us!

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