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TeenTix LA exists to break down the barriers that prevent teens from accessing art in our community, such as ticket or admission cost, not knowing where to look for events, navigating transportation around the city, and feeling insecure around arts-going if there's no one in their lives already championing the arts.

The TeenTix Pass Program

ANY teenager (13-19 years old) can sign up for a free TeenTix pass! The pass entitles teens to purchase $5 day-of-show tickets at any of our growing list of partner organizations in the Los Angeles area. Plus, we make sure teens know WHERE they can use their TeenTix pass once they get it - explore the LA.TeenTix.org Calendar for all the events available to you on a specific day, or in a specific genre - and our weekly TeenTix LA E-Newsletter gives you a list of our top picks for the upcoming week.


TeenTix builds a bright future for our region by empowering young people to take an active role in shaping their arts community as audience members, critics, influencers, advocates, patrons, and leaders.


A healthy community whose diverse civic leaders value, support, and participate in a thriving arts sector.


TeenTix is an anti-racist organization that is actively working to identify, name, and correct institutionalized racism and constructs of white supremacy within our own organization, and to help our partnered arts and culture organizations do the same. Our programs work to uplift marginalized voices in arts leadership and arts journalism, and to increase access to art.

We have a multi-layered, hierarchical approach in addressing our equity work:

  1. First, we use a racial lens because we know that the construct of race intersects with all aspects of inequity.
  2. Second, we prioritize youth voice, need, and choice. By breaking down the hierarchical and exclusionary paradigm of high and low art, we offer teens an opportunity to explore wherever their interest takes them.
  3. Third, it is our job to increase the visibility of art that is representative of different communities. In our marketing, programming, and community engagement efforts, we encourage young people to explore art that addresses diverse world perspectives. We believe experiencing different views creates opportunities for teens to become engaged citizens with the capacity to create equitable community.


  • Genuine diversity requires early access.
  • Teens should be influencers of culture, not just receivers
  • Arts attendance is arts education, arts attendance is civic participation.
  • Technology and data can be positive, transformative influences.
  • Live, shared experiences are inherently valuable, especially when they facilitate interaction that crosses traditional generational, ethnic, and socio-economic divides.
  • Fun, leisure, and entertainment are crucial components of a healthy adolescence that need protecting.
  • Much of art’s value cannot be quantified.
  • Settle for nothing less than for profound inclusiveness and radical hospitality.
  • The “underserved” are also the “under-invited”.
  • Experimentation, exploration, and boundary-pushing inspire positive transformation.
  • Create safe spaces for critical thinking and civilized disagreement.
  • Youth empowerment means the elevation and prioritization of the youth voice.
  • Embrace change, risk, and failure in order to stay nimble and responsive to the ever-evolving teen demographic.
  • TeenTix is an anti-racist organization that is actively working to identify, name, and correct institutionalized racism within our own organization, and to help our partnered arts organizations do the same.


The TeenTix Pass Program was initially developed in Seattle, WA in 2004, in direct response to the barriers preventing teens from participating in the arts. The Pass Program was brought to the teens of LA County in 2021 as a way to address similar barriers for the young people in our community.

  • Currently, 73 arts organizations throughout the Puget Sound region and a growing number of arts organizations in LA County participate in the TeenTix Pass Program just receivers.

  • Arts attendance is arts education, arts at, serving thousands of young people each year, helping to provide better arts access to the cultural events in their communities.

TeenTix LA is the first official chapter of TeenTix! We are excited to bring this essential program to the teens and arts community of Los Angeles. In 2018, a handful of arts and nonprofit leaders in Los Angeles recognized an opportunity to make an impact on teens in our community with the TeenTix Pass Program model, and after surveying hundreds of teens from across the Los Angeles area, it became clear that teens felt the same way. While young people in LA are excited about the arts and culture the city has to offer, there are still many barriers preventing them from becoming active patrons of the arts. Surveys of LA teens showed us that 39% recognized cost as a barrier that prevented them from seeing art, and 43% of surveyed teens said it was somewhat of a problem. Additionally 68% of teens said they did not feel welcomed in arts spaces, however a notable 52% said they'd be likely to attend an arts event if the ticket was $5. That kicked off a two year collaboration with the TeenTix team in Seattle and after years of foundation-building, we’re thrilled to officially be the first chapter of TeenTix and to be at the forefront of the movement that helps make the arts accessible for the teens of LA!

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