TeenTix LA is a project of Community Partners

Your gift provides teens an opportunity to develop into engaged, civic leaders through access to the arts. We believe in a world where all teens have opportunities to think critically about their world, practice empathy, and to be inspired by the artistic voices they experience - all for just a $5 ticket.

TeenTix originally began in Seattle as a way to tighten the bond between the community - young and old - by centering the arts. TeenTix LA is TeenTix’s first independent chapter, and we need you with us to ensure the sustainability of this program so that we can make the arts accessible for as many teens in Los Angeles as possible. Your gift right now is not just an act of solidarity with TeenTix LA, it’s an act of solidarity with every partner organization and young person we endeavor to serve. Come join the TeenTix family!

Thank you for being the fiercest advocate for young people and our arts community that you can be right now.

If you are a Foundation or Corporate Sponsor looking to build a relationship with TeenTix LA, please contact allison@la.teentix.org.

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