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THREE is a meditation on Chekhov’s THREE SISTERS which explores Chekhov’s themes of longing, love and the meaning of life. Through an American and Queer prism, THREE offers a snapshot of the Prozorov family and their loved ones on four different days in four different eras in a fictional army base town in the far north of the upper Midwest. We see our characters on the day the town’s soldiers begin to return from World War II, and again on a Halloween night in 1983 with Reagan in the White House and the AIDS epidemic finally beginning to permeate the national consciousness, then on the day after the Oklahoma City bombing and finally in the not too distance future of a country recovering from the Covid crisis and perhaps mobilizing for conflict in Eurasia with another autocrat on the march. Each acts historical events provide a new setting and a new context for Chekhov’s eternal concerns.


Box Office is open one hour before curtain.

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