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AIDS Threads: From Epidemic to Ecodisaster weaves personal stories from the AIDS years into a fabric of present-day politics and anecdotal observations from the lingering health crisis to addressing the immediate dangers of climate change and incessant wars worldwide.

The event brings people together to commemorate World AIDS Day by raising awareness, remembering
those affected by the virus, and recommitting to goals of collectively working for change to improve our planet.

Longtime artist-activist Michael Kearns says that this year’s show, primarily consisting of personal narratives, will “broaden our reach and move from what has characteristically been California stories to encompass the AIDS crisis through an international lens, paying attention to the impact of AIDS worldwide. Tragically, AIDS is often the Great Divider: rich vs. poor, pos vs. neg, detectable vs. undetectable, black vs. white, insured vs. uninsured, on and on. Whether in board rooms or on battlefields, these divisions are as deadly as wars. What has AIDS taught us?”

Cast members scheduled to appear includes Toni Garcia Orozco, Bradford Bancroft, Gordon Blitz, Lucia Chappelle, Christine Papalexis, Jim Pentecost, Robin Podolsky, and Andy Rollyson.


Box office is typically open 30 minutes prior to event start time

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