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Throughout the past half century, Michael Kearns has woven his work as an artist and social activist into the fabric of Los Angeles (and beyond). Besides his work on the front lines of social justice causes, it is virtually impossible to chronicle the theatre scene in Los Angeles without mentioning his name.

Kearns’ sixteenth solo show, It Must Be Him: A Genderful Musical Memoir—deeply moving and often amusing—arrives at Lineage on Sunday, December 10, 2023, at 4:00pm.

With direction by Ryland Shelton and piano accompaniment by Leigh Anne Gillespie, the show explores the role of gender from the consciousness of a community elder whose story began in 1968. Delicately placed within the expansive LGBTQI+ experience, the show follows a tradition of expression that provokes, reveals, and questions, while capturing the zeitgeist of Kearns’ generation.

Join us for this one-day-only matinee with the lauded artist. Running for seventy-minutes, the show melds personal narrative with music, creating a score of songs from bygone eras, including “Just In Time,” “Guess Who I Saw Today,” “Ten Cents A Dance,” and “It Must Be Him.”

To learn more, please visit https://michaelkearnswriter.com/it-must-be-him.


Box office is typically open 30 minutes prior to event start time

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