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Caroline Loeb, star of the 1980s pop music scene, becomes Françoise Sagan, the vibrant, passionate novelist who found success at the age of 18 with the (then) scandalous 1954 novel "Bonjour Tristesse". In adapting a compilation of Sagan’s candid interviews, Caroline Loeb revives the symbol of a casual, bourgeois generation, this "charming little monster" as François Mauriac once called her.

Moving, funny, lucid and implacable, we witness Sagan’s absolute love of literature, the importance of desire, her disdain for money, her passion for gambling, and death in ambush. Directed by Alex Lutz, Caroline Loeb gives an astonishing portrayal of this passionate lover of life, always on the edge. The show was nominated for Best One-Woman Show at the 2018 Molières.


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