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This 90-minute reading blends video projection, music, song, movement, and dramatic storytelling to bring to life the powerful and inspiring true story of an extraordinary woman.  

In 1848, an enslaved woman in Mississippi marches on foot alongside her owner’s wagon train across the country to California, where she wins her freedom in court. With heroic determination and unearthly compassion for others, Biddy Mason works hard in Los Angeles, saves her money, transforming herself into a successful businesswoman and philanthropist. She builds schools, feeds the poor, and helps launch the First AME Church, the landmark center of political and social action, earning Biddy the loving and respectful title throughout the City of Angels of “Grandma Mason.”

Doors open at 5:30 p.m. for an opportunity to visit the latest exhibitions and purchase food. Reading followed by a conversation with the creative team.


The box office opens 45 minutes before each performance.

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