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From a hardworking, New York middle-class Jewish family, to the United States Congress, watch Bella in her own words “kick the hell out of the establishment”.

Lovingly and painstakingly researched, Bella is brought to life with most of the dialogue coming from books and biographies, interviews, and Bella’s own writings and speeches.

As a young woman, she is defiant, rebellious, and determined to break out of her era’s gender-chains and follow her own path to become a lawyer. From defending actors accused of communism or putting her life in danger defending a wrongly convicted black man in 1950s Mississippi, there is nothing she won’t do or anyone she won’t fight for justice. She was a formidable opponent. Once in Congress, despite being surrounded by “schlemiels”, she fought like hell for the Equal Rights Amendment, childcare, gay rights, the environment, and against racism, ageism, corruption, and more and God help anyone who gets in her way. Whether harassing her staff or demanding President Nixon’s resignation, we watch her refuse to accept the status quo and tirelessly and exhaustingly wear everyone down with her chutzpah.


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