There is no physical address for the site, 4730 Crystal Springs Drive is the nearby Rangers Station.

Closest GPS location: 34.134204,-118.284962

The festival stage is located at the site of Old Zoo, in Griffith Park, on the east side. There are three direct freeway access points:

1) From the Southbound 5: take the Los Feliz Blvd West exit turning right up Crystal Springs Drive almost immediately upon exiting the freeway. There may be roadworks along this section of Crystal Springs Drive, so be aware of them while entering the park. Follow the signs to make a right turn onto Crystal Springs Drive.

2) From the Eastbound 134: take the Victory Blvd exit (following signs to the LA Zoo). You will make a right onto Riverside, and an immediate left onto Zoo Drive (which will then become Crystal Springs Drive as you continue past the Los Angeles Zoo).

3) From the Northbound 5: take the Griffith Park exit, which will take you to Crystal Springs Drive. Turn right on Crystal Springs Drive.

In all cases, look for our signs along the way directing you to the venue.

You will arrive at an intersection where there are several activities including the Merry-Go-Round, Shane's Inspiration Playground, and the Wilson Harding Golf Course, as well as the Ranger Station.
Look for our signs that will direct you to Parking Lot 2 (go past Parking Lot 1) for available parking.

PLEASE NOTE: the parking here is plentiful and free, but can be a bit disorienting as there are several connected lots. Stay calm, follow the signs, and let us know if there is anything we can do to make it more clear.

From Parking Lot 2, follow the path (look for our signs) leading from the north end of the parking lot to the stage.

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  • Thu, Jul 11, 2024 7:00pm
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