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When was the last time you went to a Shakespeare show and didn’t know what to expect? Or were genuinely surprised by the ending? Or came out seeing life from a new perspective? After a sold out run at Descanso Gardens, What You Will is coming back to The Lineage Performing Arts Center in Pasadena to bring you a totally new and surprising experience of Shakespeare.

In turns funny, inspiring, heartbreaking, satirical, profound, silly, literal, figurative, and above all honest, What You Will is a passionate and moving dose of humanity through Shakespeare.

This Shakespearean “un-play” is the result of some of the Ensemble’s favorite professional actors, writers, and improvisors creating mini-plays through the lens of their individual backgrounds, responding to and recontextualizing Shakespeare’s stories and words.

Every three months, the creators of What You Will build an entirely new show, with at least 80% of its content replaced with new material, guaranteeing a new experience and new surprises upon each return to the theater.

The Ensemble is committed to making the arts accessible to everyone. If money is an obstacle, please feel free to select the "scholarship" tickets under the REGULAR category from the right, no questions asked. If, however, you can support the arts with a full-priced ticket, we applaud you!

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