Lineage Performing Arts Center
920 East Mountain Street, Bungalow Heaven, Pasadena

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A new take on classic tales for curious kids of all ages The Curiosity Tales explores the well-known stories of curious characters like Alice and Pandora through a humorous and exciting multimedia theater and dance performance. Curious kids of all ages will love this original production, featuring the critically acclaimed Lineage Dancers. The Curiosity Tales follows three young girls as they dive into their imaginations to discover what they're curious about. In the age of social media influencer onslaught, the show encourages kids to look up from their devices and make an impact in the real world.

Join us 30 minutes before the show for a Curiosity Lab, an exhibit designed by local students for kids of all ages. Be ready to explore, learn, and of course, ask questions.

Performances begin at 4:00 pm. Curiosity Lab opens at 3:15. Showtime is one hour.

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