The Wallis - Bram Goldsmith Theater
9390 North Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills

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Pianist Shai Wosner has attracted international recognition for his exceptional artistry, musical integrity, and creative insight. His performances of a broad range of repertoire reflect a degree of virtuosity and intellectual curiosity that have made him a favorite among audiences and critics, who admire his “keen musical mind and deep musical soul” (NPR’s All Things Considered). Wosner's Wallis concert will feature Variations on a Theme of FDR, a work he commissioned from five astonishing American composers. The theme is a quote from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s address to the Daughters of the American Revolution: “Remember, remember always, that all of us … are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.” Beethoven used a similar idea to test his creative powers when he accepted Anton Diabelli’s invitation to compose variations for piano on his simple C Major waltz. The proceeds from Beethoven’s popular Diabelli Variations were used to support orphans and widows of the Napoleonic Wars.

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