The Independent Shakespeare Company Studio
3191 Casitas Avenue, Northeast Los Angeles, Los Angeles

  • Iambiclab23 Porpentine

Transforming one of our favorite stage comedies into a full-fledged feature film is one of the most challenging things we’ve undertaken. Join ISC for this screening and snacks, then learn from the artists involved what choices were made and why.

Live at the Porpentine is adapted from Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors and re-imagined as an early 1960's technicolor musical comedy. Separated by a shipwreck when they were babies, two sets of identical twins get mixed up in each other's lives over the course of a day. With no knowledge that the others exist, what follows is a rollicking afternoon of love misdirected, love misunderstood, a wayward necklace...and a goat.

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