This Fall, find yourself on a nostalgic trip through time at the Lineage Performing Arts Center with an interactive dance, theater, and storytelling event that is taking over our entire building! Every room takes on a new decade while you are whisked through important cultural, political and historical events from the 1950s to the year 1999.

Join all your favorite Lineage dancers, singers, actors, writers, and creators on a guided tour through a curated live performance event that will inspire you to look at your place in history.

As you arrive, you'll choose whether you want to go forwards or backwards in time, then travel beyond the theater for performances throughout entire Lineage space! We also encourage you to become part of the show by dressing up from your favorite decade!

Matter of Time is fully ADA accessible. Guests with mobility aids can expect to encounter gentle ramps throughout the space.

Lineage has plenty of free on-site parking.

Due to some difficult subject matter, parental guidance is suggested.

The show is approximately 2 hours long, including an intermission.


Box office is typically open 30 minutes prior to event start time

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