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3191 Casitas Avenue, Northeast Los Angeles, Los Angeles

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White People Do Not Know How To Behave At Entertainments Designed For Ladies & Gentlemen Of Colour

The Black ensemble members of Independent Shakespeare Co. began devising this new work remotely in 2021 and organically gravitated towards the history of Black American performers. Inspired by the African Company, this country’s first Black Theater company formed exactly 200 years earlier in 1821, they settled on the play’s framework of exploring the cyclical nature of Black Theatre artists’ struggles and successes. Playing with form and time, this workshop run is the first sharing of the work with an audience, with our community. Your presence is invaluable as the artists move into the next phase of developing this seminal new work.

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Special events:

Join us after the performance on two special nights! There's no additional charge for post-show events so please feel free to join us and spend a bit more time in our intimate indoor space.

Friday, October 28th - Support Black Theater Night

Join us after the performance for a post-show talkback with the cast, facilitated by Sydney Rogers! Reception with complimentary drinks and snacks to follow.

Saturday, October 29th - Post-show Reception

Hang out with the cast after the performance! Complimentary drinks and snacks will be provided.

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