A Noise Within


A Noise Within
3352 East Foothill Boulevard, Hastings Ranch, Pasadena

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Presented with Towne Street Theatre

Experience a retelling of classic Greek tragedies through the lens of Towne Street Theatre, Los Angeles’ premiere African-American Theatre Company. This production of short plays explores drama, humor, love, and loss spanning from the Civil War to modern-day America. Experience engaging, complex, and rich stories showcasing diverse and brave voices.

Housewife of Trachis by Dara Harper (Director – Veronica Thompson)
Queen of Sorrows by Madeline Puccioni (Director – Veronica Thompson)
Isabella Estrada by Tony Robinson (Director – Nancy Cheryll Davis)


The Fire Burns Brightly by Raymond Mitchell (Director – Veronica Thompson)

Juked by Mildred Inez Lewis (Director – Nancy Cheryll Davis)

Medea by Barbara White-Morgan (Director – Nancy Cheryll Davis)

Transition Chorus by RJ Wayne (Director – RJ Wayne)

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