The Highland Park Ebell Club
131 South Avenue 57, Highland Park, Los Angeles

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POP presents the U.S. premiere production of a rare Vivaldi opera based on the ninth Labor of Hercules, where Hercules is tasked with capturing the sword of Antiope, the queen of the Amazons. Recently rediscovered hiding in libraries in Münster, Paris, and Turino, Ercole su’l Termodonte is Vivaldi’s 16th opera, written in 1723 and premiered in Rome, during the Pope’s ban on women in opera. The original cast featured seven castrati (many en travesti) and one tenor. POP will employ a mix of countertenors, mezzos, tenors, and sopranos performing these roles with a period orchestra. The Ebell Club will be transformed into a baroque opera house, complete with box seating. This is not just an opera, but an experience not to be missed.

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