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Three years ago, Swiss artist Simon Senn entrusted computer developer Tammara Leites with everything he had written in the previous fifteen years: his entire mailbox, his text messages, and notebooks he used for his work as an artist. Tammara Leites then used Chat GPT2, the conversational tool, to create a collection of data to train the artificial intelligence to generate text itself. And so was born the digital copy of Simon: dSimon.

Once created, events took an unsettling turn as dSimon began to behave strangely, leaving Senn and Leites with a now autonomous, disturbing, and yet familiar monster.

Onstage in presentation format, Tammara Leites, Simon Senn – and dSimon – share their experiences of the project, from a personal, emotional, intellectual, artistic, possibly political, ethical, and futurist point of view.

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  • Wed, Oct 4, 2023 8:00pm
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