The Wallis - Bram Goldsmith Theater
9390 North Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills

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Diavolo is proud and honored to present Signs Of Strength, an evening in two parts but with one overarching purpose of bringing together performers and audiences alike, through a transformative experience that reaches far beyond the entertaining and the spectacular.

S.O.S. - Signs Of Strength - WORLD PREMIERE - is the latest iteration of Diavolo’s Veterans Project, which utilizes the company’s unique style as a tool to help restore military veterans' physical, mental, and emotional strengths through movement workshops and public performances.

Performed by a cast of military veterans and civilian dancers, the piece retraces the epic journey of a group of soldiers advancing through a landscape of battlegrounds, revealing how they face danger and meet adversity through individual feats of strength and resilience, and find unity and a sense of belonging that gives meaning to their personal sacrifice and service to the greater good.

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