Latino Theater Co. at The Los Angeles Theater Center
514 South Spring Street, Downtown Los Angeles, Los Angeles

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André & Dorine is a poignant depiction of the enduring love between an elderly couple as their lives are disrupted, but not overcome, by Dementia.

Performed by the Internationally-Acclaimed Kulunka Teatro (which received the Spanish equivalent of a Tony Award for Best Play in 2018), this non-verbal theatre piece uses movement, puppetry, and mask to celebrate the shared lives of a pair of artists - André with his typewriter, Dorine with her Cello - and how they relive and reinvent their love together as Alzheimer’s becomes a permanent part of their relationship.

“A MUST SEE… this seamless, brilliantly performed piece achieves a witty eloquence and touching humanity that belies its lack of verbal text through pure creative theatricality.” — Los Angeles Times

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