Sierra Madre Playhouse
87 West Sierra Madre Boulevard, Sierra Madre

  • 1639772359 show image John Wilkes Booth 340 x 255 px

In the one man show An Evening with John Wilkes Booth, authored by Lloyd J. Schwartz and Clinton Case and directed by Schwartz and portrayed by Stephen Spiegel, you’ll get to meet Booth and learn what he thought and what motivated him: his upbringing in a family of actors, his rivalry with his more-celebrated brother Edwin (who was a Unionist); John’s love for the South, and his hated of Lincoln. You’ll hear of the initial failed plot to kidnap Lincoln, and of the subsequent plans to not only kill Lincoln but also other political and military figures as well. The actual assassination will be re-enacted from Booth’s point of view. Then what happens when Booth begins his flight from retribution after his bloody deed and observe the final outcome for Booth when his pursuers find him.

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